DAILY, 2003
Installation / cropped pages of daily newspaper, red flags, ballpoint pen drawings, textiles drawings / different sizes
Every day I read the newspaper and I cut out a page. I take away the words, I hang it up as and it becomes as an wavy skeleton on the wall. Empty of word, I hang it on the wall, undulating, the skeleton on the wall, one next to the other. Every day, I draw hysterically with a ballpoint pen on paper, distressed faces that the articles suggest me. On the top of the exhibition space I hang a line of rectangles made out of blue textiles, representing the sky, where I torn the weft and the warp to create volume. Every day I print on a red flag a page of the daily newspaper I read, then I hang it up, one next to the other in a line out in the open. Slowly the weather delete the ink, letting just lines of red flags.